B School review for Kari Samuels – a musician’s perspective

Kari Samuels’ B School bonuses can be found at:

You can watch Marie Forleo’s videos here:

If you’re looking to join B School and would like to have some amazing insight from a gifted intuitive coach who can help you through your business blocks as well as subconscious energy blocks, consider joining through Kari.

You can find her at www.karisamuels.com/bschoolbonus

The Addictive Wine of the Occult – My Addiction to the Occult

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The Reconnection

What Happens When a Man Is Turned Inside Out and Transformed As This Man Undoubtedly Was?

Upholding the Sacredness of Life

Mystical Gods – Thoth Is the God of Wisdom and the Written Word

Believing the Gospel Requires Repentance

Why Do You Pursue Spiritual Evolution?

Welcoming “Monsters” Into Your Life

Faith Centered Leadership – Forgetfulness and Fruitfulness

Formation Vs Enrichment

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