B School bonus with soul – something for everyone

Kari Samuels’ B School bonuses can be found at: http://bit.ly/bschoolsoul

Kari Samuels offers a wonderful B School bonus that’s geared toward anyone who is interested in the spiritual arts. Truly, anyone can benefit from her bonus because you have access to her as a coach throughout B School, and for several months afterward. She has amazing insight into your life, business, and any blocks that are holding you back.

You have access to her entire library of courses about the soul, astrology, manifesting, self care…it’s really comprehensive.

She’s very generous with her courses, group coaching, and personal insights into both business and your emotional life.

B School is amazing and with Kari bonus package you get a total life transformation.

If you haven’t watched Marie Forleo’s life-changing videos yet, check them out here: http://bit.ly/liveyourdreams2016

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