Are You Envious of Another Soul’s Journey?

Are You Envious of Another Soul’s Journey?
Do you wish you had what other’s have?
Are you frustrated when others have more than you do?
Are you simply tired of struggling?
This video reminds us that we each have a unique soul’s contract and role to play in this life!

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Tarot Is Totally Normal

Individuals are curious concerning tarot card, but often know nothing about its origins or exactly how to use it. This post explains what tarot card is and what it is not in basic terms.

Who Am I That You Should Wish To Use Me, Lord?

AMAZED am I. I can not believe that God ought to select to use an individual like me to do his Sovereign work.

God’s Comfort When Life’s Inextricably Hard

There are those minutes, feeling betwixt as well as between, foreigners even in our own homes as well as offices, where anxiety rails as well as panic besets us in an inconsolable torture. A moment, an hour, numerous hrs, or a day. We’re discovered in a difficult area.

Are You The Apple Of God’s Eye?

Can you imagine someone touching the pupil of your eye or the student of God’s eye? Your eye is dear to you and also so is the student (apple) of your eye. Also, the apple of God’s eye is dear to Him. This short article gives a description of what it implies to be the apple of the Lord’s eyes.

Lord Trouble Them That Trouble Me

Are you bothered by some individuals or pressures unjustly? I have good information for you; you can lay your petition against them prior to the Judge of all courts and you can be felt confident that your situation will be duly attended to. This write-up tells you one point you can do to have peace from your adversaries.

Seedtime And Harvest – You Need A Sower’s Mentality To Enjoy Your Harvest

“While the planet stays, seedtime and harvest shall not cease” – (Genesis 8:22). This regulation is so true, yet numerous do not walk in it and so shed out in the blessing it lugs. Points expected are things expected as well as confidence just supplies what is wished for. This article urges you to have a sower’s mindset; to think and also expect like a sower would certainly for returns.

What Does Autumn Mean to You?

Autumn provides us reason to admire the colors of leaves as they alter from eco-friendly to tones of yellow, orange, red as well as brownish. Although the life of the fallen leave is finishing, it offers us reason to mirror on its work and success.

Change Your Mind And Change Your World

Do you wish to transform the happenings around you? Can you make a long lasting impact in this world? The answer is yes! You can set the speed that will follow with time. But all of it beginnings with the renewing of your mind. This message highlights the power of transforming your mind to change your globe.

Zechariah 13 – Jesus In the Old Testament

NEW TESTAMENT aficionados are to be forgiven for being completely perplexed by the Twelve – the Old Testimony prophets. Reviewing them via our generally Western eyes, with our cultural lenses for technology, of materialism and also education and learning, and also for an individualistic language of convenience, we are rapidly puzzled by scriptural puzzles. But numerous Brand-new Testament ideas show up prowling just underneath the prophets. The prophets reveal the exact same principles that the New Testimony does. The Old Testament brightens the New Testament, but only if we wonder adequate to learn.

Spiritual Path – Where Does Guidance Come From?

Assistance is experienced in the silence, in the room in between your thoughts and also in between breath cycles. A lot of individuals have such a challenging time silencing the mind due to the fact that they are always in transfer mode, barely stopping, if ever before to just get.

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