Ann Perry Numerologist on FaceBook LIVE APR 16th!

Thanks for joining me on my first FACEBOOK LIVE adventure!
We covered subjects from how to stay grounded to what personal year am I in?! Who am I compatible with? Which is the hardest life path number?! We even pulled an oracle card which will resonate with all who watch the video! Check it out!
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What Are We Teaching?

We are all educators. We teach in every minute that we show to an additional. We show with every word we say as well as with every action we take. We show with every facial expression, gesture, and physical response. We instruct with and without words. The concern is – what are we showing?

What Is Spiritual Darkness?

Does not that sound and also perhaps even feel like it’s the precise reverse of what Spirituality is everything about? As well as yet, Spiritual Darkness is quite a component of the total procedure of inner-enlightenment.

On Gratitude: Lessons From King Solomon

Lessons from King Solomon on the demand for appreciation. This essay amasses guidance from the inspiring tale of King Solomon as narrated in the Quran on thankfulness.

A Question of Commitment to the Conquest for Character

The game of life is regarding the character to prevent pride in victory as well as stay stoic in defeat. And also life is a video game, if we can imagine exactly how crucial such occasions are to us plain mortals. We place a lot supply in the winning of competitors, whether it be sport, politics, research studies, your career, existing affairs, also battles. Yet we miss what’s blatantly in front of us – however for a little reflection: life is the most significant, the majority of truth-filled game of all.

The Need Of Prayer

Many Christians are today dealing with and in their petitions and also there are many factors for this non-performance. Yet prayer can not and ought to not be ignored since it is a task laid upon all ‘Believers’ by the Word of God. In some cases, we can assume that there is absolutely nothing else we can do, however prayer is every little thing.

Haggai 1 – Repentance Reconciles Revival

Resurgence is always come before by a great repentance (2 Chronicles 7:14). As people, or as the people, reply to God’s timeless voice – for integrity and also justice over the land – they’re honored in the earthly worlds by a honored obedience for their acts as well as inspiration for additional obedience – the methods of resurgence, be it individual or business or nationwide. Simply put, they’ve been provided extra power to comply with for their obedience of attrition.

The Unprodigal Son

God isn’t curious about justice. Never ever has been, as well as never ever will be. He has a various prepare for us.

Cultivating Stillness

When modern life is hectic, it can eat us up until we tip away and support our inner world. A spiritual retreat can lead us right into an area where deep self-discovery is obtained and we start to recognize the significance of our timeless calm nature.

Ready to Receive

The majority of us are proficient at giving, yet not that great on getting, which incidentally is something rather different to taking. Surrender is an effective pressure. Learn exactly how to take advantage of it today in your life!

He Cried And They Did Not Hear

Have you ever sobbed to God and it is as if He didn’t hear? If it holds true, what could be the problem? God is not deaf, so if your cry seems not answered there should be a factor. This message clarifies one of the reasons that God would not hear you.