2021 YEAR AHEAD FORECAST – New Frontiers Await You!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2021 is finally here!

Get ready! 2021 will be a wild ride!

This dynamic year will be full of excitement and transformational change.

As the calendar turns annually, it ushers in a new Universal Year in numerology. The spiritual lessons and vibrational shift depicted by the Universal Year Number are experienced globally.

In numerology 2021 is a 5 Universal Year. (2+0+2+1 = 5).

The nature of 5 is to disrupt the status quo.

Anything outdated and outmoded will need to be upgraded. Any changes that have been avoided will need to be reconciled.
Jupiter and Saturn, known as the social planets, will be in revolutionary Aquarius.

Aquarius is a sign that brings innovation, collaboration, and unity. It ushers in an era of people power. Freedom is the hallmark of Aquarius
One thing is certain; change is inevitable.

In this forecast video, I share with you the 3 essential steps you need to make positive changes in 2021 for a truly phenomenal year.


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Reiki Training Is Now Available to Everyone

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A Guide To Religion For Atheists!

Have you typically asked yourself why bad exists? Why does God not step in like he carried out in the scriptures? If there is a God why does he permit the atrocities that take place today to proceed? This post will aid you compare true Faith and also the God that comes from it and guy’s religious beliefs as well as the God we make from it.

The Bible’s Verdict About Jesus Christ

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How I Discovered a New World Within

When I retired I located my true job. Yet, it was way outside the scope of what I had ever serviced in my life.

Honing the Gift of Discernment

I have actually always been a trusting person … very relying on for that matter. This caused a great deal of foolish choices which eventually made me accept that I lacked what the globe calls “gut-feel”. I needed to go with numerous humbling experiences for me to finally understand that I required discernment.

Thoughts From The Box – “What’s In Your Hand?”

Concern: What’s in your hands? Currently a lot of you would certainly overlook at your hands and claim, “I see absolutely nothing!” However, I am not concentrating on what’s essentially in your hands because I recognize that a few of you opened this email on a hand-held device, as well as also your cell phone. Nonetheless, I wish to speak to what is figuratively in your hands.

Through the Wilderness: A Spiritual Map For An Age of Upheaval

The spiritual course we need to walk differs any various other. It is simple to get shed while heading, and also the lives of lots of saints are proof of this. Because of this we need a map to provide us assurance that throughout our times in the wild we are still on the Method.

Wisdom Brings Hope

Knowledge is not only getting info; it is also the procedure of analyzing and using that info to issues, thought or conditions, that may, or might not need a resolution. The best guy in the world, King Solomon, had much to say regarding knowledge.

On Spiritual Practice

In this age of innovation and also materialism, when many wonder what tomorrow will certainly bring, the revival of spirituality is a typical phenomenon. For centuries, people have actually looked to religious beliefs or various other idea systems for assistance and understanding. Yet it never ever caused a much better globe on a worldwide level.

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